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Founded 1978

Dian Rademan Edenglen Primary School principle
Ms H Broodryk Acting Principal

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For telephone, fax and email contacts, financial queries and location for both Edenglen Primary School and Glenvale Pre-School, visit our contact page.

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Glenvale Pre-School


Glenvale Pre-School is in conjunction with Edenglen Primary School and situated right across the road. The children are nurtured from a young age from pre-school through primary school. Glenvale offers a safe, warm and fun environment essential for little toddlers.

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Edenglen Primary Aftercare


What children do after school is important. Our aftercare is lucky to have dedicated teachers and staff who look after our childrens needs and ensure that their work gets done. Once their work is completed, learners enjoy games and sports around the aftercare area and on the fields.

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