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Established 1978

Dian Rademan Edenglen Primary School principle
Ms H Broodryk
Acting Principal


As we look back on the last ten months, a great deal of introspection takes place. The great Nelson Mandela once said that “without education, your children can never really meet the challenges they will face. So it is very important to give children education and explain that they should play a role for their country.” Has Edenglen Primary – its leaders, teachers, learners, parents and surrounding community – been successful in achieving this goal? A resounding “Yes!” can be shouted from the rooftops and this is why we can answer with such confidence.

Since the departure of Mrs Rademan, concern was expressed from various quarters as to whether or not the school would maintain its high standards of curricular and extra curricular programmes. The Staff of Edenglen Primary, supported by the School Management Team, have shown that the heart of the school lies in its children and have remained absolutely committed to keeping this “heart” pulsating and fully functioning. The children’s needs have been given top priority and the teachers have worked tirelessly to deliver teaching excellence, whether helping to stimulate those children who are capable of grasping more complex concepts or giving additional care and support to those who require a little more individual assistance. Our dedicated staff are enthusiastic and voluntarily give up their time and energy, over and above what is required, to nurture those who are under their care. To some, they might be the only mother figure, father figure or role model they have and it is a role which is not taken lightly. I applaud the efforts of our teachers in keeping the spirit of Edenglen Primary alive and well! By having such good role models, our children will hopefully emulate effective work habits and sound values which they will be able to pass onto others as they move into High School and the adult world.

One must never forget that the environment that surrounds us contributes to the creation of an environment that is conducive to successful teaching and learning. That we have beautiful and well maintained grounds and access to resources and facilities that are equal to that found in many top private schools can be attributed to the hard work of committees like the Parents Association (PA), the School Governing Body and a team of hard working office and grounds personnel who perform their duties with commitment and pride. They continue to give of their best so that our children can come to school, knowing it is a place of safety and an environment that is aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable to be in. This teamwork approach is vital to the effective functioning of any organisation and our learners will undoubtedly learn important life skills by following the same approach, such as learning to be responsible and conflict management skills.   [Continue Reading]